VIXX celebrates their 500th day anniversary!

Today marks a huge day for VIXX because it marks VIXX’s 500th day since they debuted! The boys celebrated their anniversary by holding a fanclub inauguration ceremony.

VIXX’s fandom was called “Starlight“, but it wasn’t an official fandom name until today. So congratulations to all of you Starlights out there! And also congrats for being able to keep your fandom name… most groups tend to make up a new official fandom name, but not VIXX!

Several of VIXX”s fanclubs congratulated the boys on their 500th day anniversary by donating huge amounts of rice and coal briquettes in their name!

There were a total of 780kg of rice and 380 bags of coal briquettes donated in the boys’ name. It was enough to fill up an entire hallway.

VIXX celebrates their 500th day anniversary

While most of the fanclubs that donated were from Korea, many also came from several parts of the world too, including VIXX Europe, WITHVIXX.COM Superheroes, Taiwan Starlight, Ravixx, and more!

Congratulations to VIXX for making it so far in their careers! Not many rookie groups make it to their 500th day anniversary. Also good job to VIXX’s fanclubs. It’s amazing how many of them contributed to charity.

VIXX celebrates their 500th day anniversary 1Source: Allkpop


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