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VIXX comes back with their repackaged album “Jekyll”


VIXX has just come back with the counterpart of their very first mini-album “Hyde”. The opposite half, Jekyll, has a completely different feel compared to Hyde. Instead of being dark and fierce, the new tracks included with Jekyll go for more of a happy-go-lucky, cheerful theme.

With Jekyll, VIXX tosses away their monstrous vampire image and returns to the classic K-Pop idol feel of bright colors and catchy music. There are 3 new tracks included with Jekyll, including Jekyll itself, G.R.8.U (the title track), and What Do I Do.

VIXX releases repackaged album Jekyll

The song Jekyll is just a short introduction song that retains the dark theme that was ever so present in Hyde, but also adds a sense of sorrow into it. That dark theme completely goes away once the next track, You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U), kicks in. You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U) will have long-time K-Pop fans excited with its catchy beat combined with VIXX’s cheerful vocals. It’s definitely a great song to end the summer with. What Do I Do is another impressive track. While it’s not as cheerful as G.R.8.U, it’s still fantastic. It’s extremely catchy and is guaranteed to have fans pressing the replay button over and over.

This time around, Jellyfish Entertainment stated that they just wanted to show off VIXX as idols, rather than cover them up with a themed concept. While fans might be a bit disappointed that VIXX has gone backwards from their dark image, I think that Jekyll is a fantastic addition to their discography. If you haven’t checked out the new songs from the repackaged album, I would suggest you get on it right now.

You can check out the new tracks on VIXX’s repackaged album below. Be sure to support VIXX! As Kpop Rookies, now’s the most important time for fans to support them, both with their wallets and with their attention.

VIXX – Jekyll

VIXX – You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)

VIXX – What Do I Do

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