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VIXX makes their comeback with “You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)” on M! Countdown

Two months after the release of their first mini-album Hyde, VIXX made their comeback with Hyde’s alter ego, Jekyll. Instead of the scary, monster concept that was present in Hyde, Jekyll, or at least Jekyll’s title track “You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)”, is the complete opposite. The song is upbeat, cheerful, addicting, and it shows off a completely new side to VIXX.

Within a couple of days after the release of Jekyll, VIXX made their very first comeback stage on M! Countdown last night, and they impressed fans with their new look and their already great vocals/choreography. Starlight’s were excited to see their favorite Kpop Rookie group take the stage again, and VIXX was happy to be back. Because of their fans support, VIXX wanted to show their fans a more happy, thankful side of them. VIXX’s entertainment label, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated that they wanted to present VIXX in a more “Kpop Idol” kind of light rather than with a fierce concept this time around, and this “lack of concept” (I guess) is sitting very well with fans.

VIXX makes their comeback with You're Impressive G.R.8.U on M Countdown

If you didn’t catch their performance on M! Countdown last night, you can check it out below.

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