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VIXX performs a hilarious rendition of Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”


VIXX performed a special skit today for SBS’s Star Faceoff Chuseok special! The boys transformed into JYP’s Wonder Girls and performed their own rendition of “So Hot”.

Immediately as they stepped onto the stage, the audience roared with laughter. Even the judges couldn’t get a hold of themselves. They started bashing on their red buzzers right away.

The boys of VIXX did a FANTASTIC job with their impersonation. Their vocals were on-spot, they showed off their own personalized colors, and their attempts at sounding sexy were just beyond hilarious.

I also have to admit that these boys still look pretty good in drag.

VIXX erupts roaring laughter with their Wonder Girls impersonation

The other idols in attendance couldn’t contain themselves. While VIXX was performing, the girl idols were totally amused and leaning on each other for support.

VIXX’s choreography, vocals, and overall performance of “So Hot” was awesome, and it was definitely a special treat for Starlights and netizens alike.

Be sure to check out the clip below!

VIXX – Wonder Girls “So Hot”

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