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VIXX releases music video for “Thank You For Being Born”

VIXX has released their music video for “Thank You For Being Born” (English title: Thank You For My Love).

This music video was filmed a bit differently.

Instead of filming a regular, choreographed music video, the boys compiled some of their favorite moments throughout their careers (including birthday celebrations, their Milky Way Global Showcase, and their fan events) into one video.

This music video is much more personal than a regular music video, and it was intended solely for VIXX’s STARLIGHTS! (But of course anyway can enjoy it too).

VIXX releases music video for Thank You For Being Born

The description for VIXX’s music video is:

A warm and emotional Ballad [Thank you for my love] M/V is finally released!
[Thank you for my love] music video is formed with history of VIXX; so that this M/V is made from previous birthday party videos of each member, inauguration ceremony, Global showcase video to winning the 1st place at the music TV show.
Since the debut to the now, this music video contains the whole history of VIXX. We hope what this music video can be a good present for the fans who have always cheered VIXX.
Please enjoy this video! And Share this video with your friends and family!

VIXX made this music video to be as a warm present to their fans. It’s their way of saying thank you to all of the STARLIGHTS for supporting them throughout all of 2013.

Check out VIXX’s music video for “Thank You For Being Born” (Thank You For My Love) below!

VIXX is going to start their follow-up promotions today on Music Bank! Be sure to tune in for a great performance.

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