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VIXX releases their creepy, yet riveting MV for “VOODOO DOLL”

VIXX has officially made their comeback. They’ve reverted back to their creepy, dark concept with their new comeback track “VOODOO DOLL“.

The music video that they released for this song is so creepy and disturbing that it has been slapped with a 19+ viewer age requirement sticker.

And for good reason! The music video is pretty disturbing, with needles being stuck into our favorite VIXX members, the boys being tortured and mutilated… ahh it’s hard to watch, yet at the same time, it’s hard to peel our eyes away from this MV.

To compliment the music video’s riveting footage, VIXX’s new song provides us with ear-candy as well.

VIXX is back with their creepy yet riveting music video for VOODOO DOLL


The song has a really nice rhythm to it, and the boys’ vocals are improving! The chorus is addicting and the boys’ choreography is mesmerizing. I really think that this time around, VIXX has a chance of winning some music trophies!

Plus, VIXX has been making their way around all over the world for their “Milky Way” showcase. With each performance, they have been increasing the number of Starlights in their fanbase. I’m sure they have enough fan power behind them to make sure they snag a few trophies here and there.

Without further ado, check out VIXX’s music video for “VOODOO DOLL” below! VIXX’s 1st full-album is set to be released on November 25th!

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