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VIXX releases their music video for You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)


Alongside the release of their repackaged album “Jekyll”, VIXX has also released the music video for their title track “You’re Impressive (G.R.8.U)”. The music video shows off VIXX’s more cheerful, idol side rather than the vampire concept they were showing us with Hyde.

The music video follows the “rewind” concept, with everything returning into place before VIXX’s rampage and destruction spree. The music video matches that catchy and upbeat feel that You’re Impressive has to offer, and is the complete opposite of the dark, vampire concept that was present in Hyde.

VIXX comesback with a music video for G.R.8.U

While the song’s name is called “You’re Impressive” in Korean, it’s spelt G.R.8.U (pronounced Great You) for the English version. Jellyfish Entertainment decided to appeal to VIXX’s internet fans.

All in all, You’re Impressive is a great title track for VIXX to promote, and it gives these Kpop Rookies a chance to see that while VIXX can pull off the monstrous and dark image, they can also be happy and bright as well.

If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend that you check out the other new tracks included in VIXX’s new repackaged album.

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