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VIXX reveals tracklist for 1st full-album “VOODOO”

VIXX’s 1st full album is just around the corner! It will be officially be called “VOODOO” or in Korean “VOODOO Doll“.

It looks like VIXX will continue their dark, monster-like theme with this album.

They’ve already given us a hint of what to expect with their pre-release track “Because the Answer is You (Only U)“.

Alongside “Only U“, there will be 14 other tracks included in the album.

VIXX reveals tracklist for 1st full album VOODOO

The tracklist for VOODOO is as follows:

  2. 저주인형(VOODOO Doll)
  3. Beautiful Killer
  4. Someday
  5. Because the Answer is You (Only U)
  6. B.O.D.Y
  7. Secret Night
  8. Say U Say Me
  9. 오늘부터 내 여자 (My Girl From Today)
  10. 태어나줘서 고마워 (Thanks for birth)
  12. Rock Ur Body
  13. 다칠준비가돼있어
  14. hyde
  15. 저주인형(VOODOO Doll) Instrumental vers.

It looks like VIXX’s Ravi has some real talent with writing music. He participated in writing the lyrics to a lotof the tracks on this album!

I can’t wait to give “VOODOO” a listen. It comes out on November 18th at 12:00KST.

Considering how Jekyll sold over 100,000 copies, I think that VOODOO will do well really well on the music charts. Who knows, maybe this time around, VIXX may actually win some trophies from music shows!

It also looks like the track “VOODOO” may be an intro song and VOODOO Doll may be the title track (I’m just assuming because Cursed Doll is the track with an instrumental version added to the album).

VIXX VOODOO album tracklist

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  1. Mari Uzcátegui says

    :O I’m hearing the songs, and they’re pretty awesome!!! I want to buy this album so badly T-T It would be my 1st Kpop album xD (yes, I don’t have too much money e-e) but I really ant his!! I’ll save my money now on o.ó
    Starlight forever and ever!!

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