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VIXX to follow-up promotions with “Thank You For Being Born”

It looks like VIXX has no plans of ending their promotions anytime soon!

They’re going to be putting aside their “VOODOO DOLLS“, so that they can serenade their STARLIGHTS with a nice ballad.

It has been confirmed by Naver that VIXX will be following up their promotions with “Thank You For Being Born“.

It’s a beautiful, touching ballad that I’m sure is directed towards all of their fans.

VIXX to follow up promotions with Thank You For Being Born

The promotions for “Thank You For Being Born” should be starting next week I believe, but don’t hold me to that.

Either way, I’m glad we’re still going to be seeing VIXX perform on music programs, especially with a great track like “Thank You For Being Born”.

I’m sure many STARLIGHTS are thankful that the boys of VIXX were born.

Are you excited for VIXX’s follow-up promotions?

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