VIXX to release new song “Because the Answer is You” on Nov. 8th!

So we already know that VIXX is planning on releasing their 1st full album on November 17th, but in order to whet Starlights‘ appetites even more, the boys are planning on releasing a pre-release track called “Because the Answer is You” on November 8th!

It sounds like it’s going to be a ballad! I hope it will be, I would love to hear a ballad from them, especially after hearing them perform “As I Told You” on Immortal Song 2.

“Because the Answer is You” will be released at 12:00PM KST on November 8th, so you can expect the Starlights to be all over it.

Who knows, the boys of VIXX may achieve some impressive chart ranks with that song. Their previous repackaged album, Jekyll, managed to rank high and sell over 100,000 copies.

Not only that, but VIXX has already sold over 200,000 albums total this year.

VIXX to release new song Because the Answer is You on Nov. 8th!

Now that the boys are almost done with their “Milky Way” showcase, I’m sure they’ve managed to attain a whole bunch of more loyal fans to buy their music.

I’m really proud of VIXX. They’re a rookie group, yet they’ve managed to already come so far in their career. Sure they haven’t won any music trophies yet, but with Jekyll, they managed to beat out even some senior groups in chart rankings and sales.

I can’t wait to hear “Because the Answer is You”, and I can’t wait for their full album to release!

Source: VIXXDaily

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