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VIXX to reveal their MV for “Thank You For Being Born” tomorrow!

So it has already been confirmed that VIXX will be doing follow-up promotions with “Thank You For Being Born”, but now we’ve just received news that VIXX will be debuting their music video for the song tomorrow!

The music video will be unveiled tomorrow at 12:00PM KST, so stay tuned!

“Thank You For Being Born” is a nice ballad, and definitely a change of pace from “VOODOO DOLL“.

VIXX will be promoting their new song starting this week, so stick around for much more “happier” promotions!

VIXX to release music video Thank You For Being Born on January 3rd 12PM KST

I like how VIXX flip-flops their promotion styles. They go from a dark, horror-style theme like “Hyde” to a bright, cheerful-theme like G.R.8.U.

It keeps their material from being monotonous, and it also shows that VIXX is capable of taking on all types of genres!

If you haven’t listened to “Thank You For Being Born” yet, you can check it out below! Also, look forward to VIXX’s new music video!

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