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VIXX will release their 1st full album after last “Milky Way” showcase!


After VIXX wraps up the last leg of their “Milky Way” showcase in Seoul on November 17th, they will be releasing their 1st full-length album!

That’s only 17 days away, and the boys of VIXX will be giving their fans a taste of what they can expect.

On their final stop for their showcase, they will be performing their album’s title track live for the first time.

This news was announced through RealVIXX’s Daum fanbase. The news was addressed to VIXX’s Starlights saying that the boys had a very special surprise in store for them.

VIXX to release their 1st mini-album after their last Milky Way Showcase

I’m sure this is exciting for everyone, though I bet the boys are very tired. I mean, they had 2 comebacks this year already, with their mini-album Hyde and their repackaged album Jekyll… now they’re already getting ready to release yet another album? Plus, they’re traveling all over the world performing for their “Milky Way” showcase.

It sounds like these boys need their rest just like EXO.

Nonetheless, I’m very excited to listen to their new album! Hopefully it’s a huge hit, just like Hyde & Jekyll.

Source: VIXXDaily

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