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VIXX wins their very 1st music trophy!

Congratulations to VIXX for winning their very 1st music trophy!

They grabbed their 1st win on Music Bank today with their catchy and creepy track “VOODOO DOLL“.

They went up against SISTAR’s Hyorin for the 1st place. It was a very hard battle considering how popular Hyorin is, but VIXX’s Starlights helped them achieve the win.

Hopefully VIXX is able to grab many more wins from other music shows as well.

VIXX wins their very 1st music trophy from Music Bank

The final scores came out to Hyorin with 4649 points and VIXX leading her over with 5084 points!

I’m glad that Hyorin was such a great sport about VIXX winning! I know that netizens give her a bad rap for having a cold face, but there was no evidence of that today. She was very graceful and excited for VIXX when they won.

The VIXX members were very moved that they won. A couple of them started breaking out in tears, including VIXX’s N, who was holding back tears while giving his speech.

Check out VIXX’s VOODOO DOLL performance below as well as their acceptance speech.

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  1. Wan Hanisah says

    CONGRATULATION VIXX!! YOU REALLY DESERVED THE WIN! proud to be one of the Starlights <3

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