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VIXX’s Ken and Leo sing an OST track for The Heirs


So it turns out that VIXX’s Ken and Leo found time to create an OST for SBS’s new drama “The Heirs“. It turns out that Leo sang the Korean version of the OST while Ken sang the English version. The name of the song is still unknown.

You can hear Ken’s version of the OST in the very first teaser of The Heirs when Lee Minho is surfing on the sunny beaches of California.

As for Leo’s version, we can hear a short snippet of the song during the second teaser for The Heir’s. Both of the videos can be found at the bottom of this post.

The Heir’s is anticipated to be the K-Drama of the season! It’s filled with an all-star cast of experienced actors as well as popular idols.

VIXX Leo and Ken sing ost for The Heirs

The storyline follows the lives of several rich youngsters who are experiencing the most out of life. It will be filled with drama, laughter, unsuspected twists, and more! It’s said to be inspired by the American drama “Gossip Girl“. However, unlike Gossip Girl, The Heirs won’t have an anonymous blogger following them around spreading rumors about their day-to-day lives.

So what do you think Starlights. Does the fact that VIXX’s Ken and Leo participated in this drama’s OST make you more tempted to watch it? (As if you weren’t tempted already).

Source: VIXXDaily

VIXX’s OST for The Heirs – Leo’s Version:

VIXX’s OST for The Heirs – Ken’s Version

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  1. Isabel Villanueva says

    why is hyuk’s picture posted beside leo’s if the article is about leo and ken’s participation in the ost? 🙂

    1. kpoprookies says

      Hey, thanks for the catch!

      I’m still getting to know the boys. The changes have been made.

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