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VIXX’s Leo sprains his ankle during Futsal at the ISAC

Alongside EXO’s Tao, VIXX’s Leo was also one of the idols injured at the Idol Star Athletic Championship. During the Futsal portion of the event, Leo, who was the captain of Idol Team C, fell down and sprained his ankle. VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated that his ankle injury isn’t too severe, however he will have to refrain from dancing on stage.

Even though Leo is injured, he still insists on fulfilling all of his broadcasting activities. He will still continue to promote G.R.8.U with the other VIXX members, however instead of dancing, he will be sitting in a chair singing.

Leo stated that he didn’t want to cancel his schedule because his fans have been waiting for him as well as the other VIXX members for so long.

VIXX's Leo sprains his ankle at the ISAC


Hopefully Leo heals quickly. VIXX is gearing up to launch a global showcase next month, so the members need to get to practicing. Luckily Leo’s injuries aren’t too terrible (although he has to wear a cast), so he should be up-and-able to perform soon.

Source: Allkpop

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