VIXX’s “VOODOO DOLL” dance has been banned from public broadcast

Korea’s public broadcast channels have made the decision to ban VIXX from performing their current choreography for VOODOO DOLL on music shows.

While we can understand why VIXX’s music video for VOODOO DOLL has been plastered with a 19+ age requirement to view, we’re a bit confused as to why public broadcast channels are blocking VIXX from performing their dance on TV shows.

The channels’ main reasons for banning VIXX’s dance is because of one specific part in the dance where they “stab themselves in the heart”.

Sure it might be a little… violent, but it’s tastefully done and it’s not like it’s real or like there’s blood being splattered everywhere like in an episode of “American Horror Story“.

VIXX's VOODOO DOLL banned from public broadcast channels

This ban on VIXX’s dance hasn’t been sitting well with STARLIGHTs or netizens either.

Many netizens have been wondering why VIXX’s dance has been banned when Troublemaker still gets to perform their sexy, provocative routine.

The netizens suspect that Cube paid off the public broadcast channels in order to keep Troublemaker’s dance from being banned. They have been saying that since VIXX doesn’t come from a very big entertainment label, they don’t get to have the same luxury.

So VIXX will have to alter their dance a little bit before they can make their comeback on stage. It unfortunate.

On the bright side from all of this, it looks like netizens see VIXX’s potential as idols. They have been praising VIXX’s “color” and the direction their career has been going.

Here’s what netizens have been saying about this whole situation. Translation done by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+839, -58] I don’t understand why Troublemaker hasn’t been caught yet

2. [+433, -28] The performance itself is okay but the music video is really scary ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seems like VIXX has found a color for themselves ㅋㅋㅋ their songs have been sounding good

3. [+382, -21] I had a feeling it wouldn’t pass. I was really surprised watching their showcase on TV and didn’t think it’d be allowed on public broadcast.

4. [+282, -18] Isn’t their manager the b*tch who tried to con Park Yong Ha out of his money after his death?

5. [+100, -4] It confuses me why Wheesung’s song was banned for the lyrics “Love is delicious” while miss A’s new song ‘Hush’ has a line that says, “You’re more delicious than a lollilollilollipop”, which hasn’t been caught yet; Does the ministry ban songs as they please.. What are the standards?

6. [+99, -7] So these guys can’t do it but Troublemaker’s choreography is okay?

7. [+92, -12] Why is it okay for girl groups to shake their butts in revealing clothes and Troublemaker to perform their choreography but not VIXX? What are the standards?

8. [+80, -5] Seems the channels were paid off… Otherwise it makes no sense that Troublemaker gets the pass but they don’t.



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