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Vote for EXO as MTV EMA’s most EMAzing stars!

Not only is EXO competing against Justin Bieber and One Direction for the “Best Worldwide Act” award at the MTV EMA’s, they’re also competing against those two to be the most EMAzing Stars.

It’s not as prestigious as the Best Worldwide Act award, but it’s still something to compete for, and currently EXO is in the lead! Their main competition right now is Justin Bieber, who for a while was closely trailing them in votes.

EXOtics have been working all day and all night to make sure that EXO wins this award, and you can help too!

If you have a Twitter account, all you have to do is add #EMAzing EXO at the end of your tweets. Be sure to not add anything else after #EMAzing EXO, or else your votes won’t count.

Vote for EXO for the most EMAzing act 1

Also, be sure not to add more than one “#EMAzing EXO” in your tweets, or else it’ll be seen as spam.

Here’s a nice guideline provided by @Chanyezi:

Vote for EXO for the most EMAzing act


Also, check out EXO’s social buzz ranking here!

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