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Wanna One is already making 2-3 times I.O.I’s appearance fees

Wanna One hasn’t even officially debuted and already they have hit a huge milestone.

Naver reports that Wanna One’s appearance fees and endorsement payouts have already doubled that of I.O.I’s during their careers.

The numbers are almost reaching 3 times what I.O.I brought in.

As we know, Innisfree and Lotte have already signed Wanna One to be brand ambassadors for several of their products.

Many other companies are trying to book Wanna One to be their representatives, including companies overseas.

However, YMC Entertainment stated that they’re going to dial back Wanna One’s endorsements for a little bit, just so the boys can prepare for their concert next month.

They’re also working very hard on creating a debut album, so those take priority.

Afterwards, they can start rolling in all of the endorsement dough.

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