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Wanna One to Hold Their Final Comeback This November

Wanna One will be holding one last comeback until their official disbandment in December.

The group dropped a teaser marked “November 19th, 2018“, signaling one last hurrah before splitting ways.

Alongside their comeback, the group will also be holding a showcase on November 22nd.

Luckily for fans, CJ Entertainment is negotiating with a lot of channels to try and get Wanna One’s comeback showcase on as many streaming video platforms as possible.

It’ll be livestreamed through Mnet and YouTube for sure, but hopefully there’ll be more sites broadcasting as well.

Wanna One has been beloved ever since their debut.

They’ve extended their contract multiple times and fans even petitioned to have the group stay together permanently.

But alas, all good things must come to an end as they say.

Be sure to tune in next month for the boy’s last comeback.

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