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What are the BTS Members Favorite Food and Meals?

What are the BTS members favorite food?

What do they enjoy eating and drinking the most?

We were super curious, so we decided to do some looking around.

And man are we starving now.

Here’s a list of what each member likes to eat:

BTS Jungkook Favorite Food:

Bts Jungkook eating

  • Jungkook likes to eat anything with flour, which includes pizza, bread, noodles, and more. He loves his carbs.

BTS Jungkook eating

BTS V Favorite Food:

BTS V Eating

  • Taehyung loves Japchae, which is stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables (usually).
  • He also likes eating all types of meat.

BTS V Eating

BTS RM Favorite Food:

BTS RM Eating

  • BTS RM loves eating all kinds of meat, but he especially loves Samgyeopsal.
  • Kalguksu, which are Korean knife noodles.
  • Jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce).

BTS RM Eating

BTS Jimin Favorite Food:

Bts Jimin eating

BTS Jimin loves eating:

BTS Jimin eating gif

BTS Suga Favorite Food:

BTS Suga Eating

  • BTS Suga loves eating all types of meat.

BTS Suga Eating

BTS Jin Favorite Food:

BTS Jin Eating

BTS Jin loves eating:

BTS Jin eating

BTS J-Hope Favorite Food:

BTS J-Hope Eating

  • BTS J-Hope loves eating all types of original Korean foods.
  • Japchae, which is stir fried glass noodles mixed with veggies.
  • His favorite drink is Sprite.

BTS J-Hope Eating

And we’re salivating.

Time to grab some dinner.

Check back for more K-Pop celebrity favorite eats.

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