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What does each EXO member look for in a girl?

Here’s something that will get EXOtic fangirls excited. EXO once again dished out what they look for in a girl… well more specifically, what’s the first feature they notice in a woman.

Sehun said that he really doesn’t have any feature that he looks out for. Instead, he says he pays attention to the feeling he gets when he meets a girl for the first time.

D.O said that while he does have many standards, he doesn’t focus on a specific point. He tries to see a person’s overall appearance.

Baekhyun said that the first thing he notices in a girl is their skin. He says that he prefers women who have nice skin. If you want Baekhyun to notice you, you better get to reading this article!

Tao was straightforward. He said that the first feature he notices is a woman’s face.

What does each EXO member look for in a girl

Suho’s answer is similar to Tao’s. He says the first thing he notices is a girl’s face… more specifically their smile. He says that he likes a girl who can smile brightly when they first greet each other. He says that if he wants to see her smile, he has to see her face first *laughter*.

Chen says that the first feature he notices is a girl’s eyes. He says even while they’re talking, he likes talking while looking into someone’s eyes.

Kai said that the first thing he notices is a girl’s personality. He says that even if a girl looks beautiful, if her personality isn’t great, then she’s not someone he would like.

Kris’s answer was the exact same as Chen’s. He notices a girl’s eyes first. He likes pretty eyes.

Luhan says that first thing he notices are a girl’s legs… okay Luhan.

Lay, like Kris and Chen, says he looks at a girl’s eyes first.

Xiumin didn’t give a clear answer. He says he really doesn’t know what he notices first.

Don’t fret if you don’t match your bias’s favorite quality though! To be honest, not a lot of us really know what we want. So while we all do have our “ideal” types, the person that we can really fall in love with may not possess our ideal qualities, but they may possess things we didn’t know we wanted in the first place. Cheer up!

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