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What would EXO do if they were given a short vacation?

While interviewing with E-Daily, the members of EXO gave their thoughts on what they’d do if they were given a short vacation. Their answers are kind of sad… most of the members want something related to being free or spending all of their time with their families and their old friends. Idol life can be pretty harsh.

Sehun said that if he were given a short break, he would go to a quiet place and just spend some time in solitude. He would empty both his mind and his heart and start anew.

D.O said that first he would go back home so he could see his parents. He then said that he would want to go backpacking somewhere by himself. He says that he would be happy just with the fact that he’d be free.

Baekhyun said that he would go home. He’d reconnect with his parents and he would eat homemade food. Because of EXO’s busy schedules, the members don’t get to go home for a very long time. He misses both his parents as well as their homemade meals.

Tao said that he would return back home to China and he would visit his parents.

What would EXo do if they were given short vacations

Suho said that he would spend his time with all of his old friends from middle school, high school, and college.

Chen said that he would enjoy a meal with his family, with everyone eating at one table. He says that it’s been a while since he had a meal with his family.

Kai said that he would visit his parents first because he really misses them. He would then go someplace tranquil and he would relax and have a carefree vacation.

Chanyeol’s answer was a bit more optimistic. He said that he would go to either a beach or a ski resort with the other members. He said that there’s never any time for all of the members to just go out and have some fun.

Kris said that he would go on a trip. He says he just wants freedom.

Luhan said that he would return back home and meet his parents.

Lay’s answer was pretty simple. He said he would just go play.

Xiumin’s answer was more carefree and fun. He said if he were given a short vacation, he’d just go for a walk. Because EXO has to travel to schedules all of the time, and by car, they never have anytime to just go for a nice walk.

It’s a little heartbreaking to hear that the EXO members just want something as simple as “freedom”. We hope these boys get some sort of short vacation in the near future.

Source: EXO-K Trans

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