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Why did Jang Soo Shop cast EXO’s Chanyeol?

The director of Jang Soo Shop recently told reports why he decided to choose EXO’s Chanyeol to star in his movie.

While searching for the perfect person for his part, his staff members showed him several pictures of actors and idols they thought he would like.

As soon as he saw pictures of Chanyeol, he just knew that Chanyeol was “the one”.

Everything about Chanyeol screamed that he was perfect for the part; his visuals, his smile, and of course his height.

Why was EXO's Chanyeol cast for Jang Soo Shop

He started watching episodes of “Roommate Season 1” and that only further increased his desire to cast Chanyeol for the movie.

We of course know how busy EXO’s schedule is, so when the director said he wanted him for the role, the rest of the staff was hesitant.

They tried to dissuade him from casting Chanyeol by telling him how busy the idol was being a member of one of the hottest idol groups in both South Korea and in China.

The director still wanted to at least try to cast Chanyeol, so he sent over some scripts and scenarios hoping that Chanyeol would accept.

After waiting anxiously for a response, representatives of EXO told the director that while reading the scenarios for Jang Soo Shop, Chanyeol started crying and said that he would accept the role of the movie no matter what.

This is one of those great lessons of how you don’t know what will happen unless you try.

And the director got a glimpse of how much Chanyeol loved the script during the first reading and filming of the movie.

Our boy is perfect for the movie.

Sourcec: EXO_Fanbase

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