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Will Bless Online Require a Monthly Subscription Fee?

Bless Online has a premium monthly subscription package and it’s confusing people. 

To answer the question, “Will Bless Online Require a Monthly Subscription Fee” simply;

No, it will not.

You just have to buy Bless Online from the steam store once and you can play it free forever, just like Black Desert Online and Guild Wars 2.

However, like Black Desert Online’s 30-day “Value Packs“, Bless Online’s premium monthly membership does offer a lot of perks that’ll make players really consider it.

Here are the list of benefits that the Bless Online Premium Membership gives you every 30-days:

  1. Reduces NPC equipment repair fee by 30%
  2. Reduces Wyvern usage fee by 50 %: Players can travel to any area within Bless by paying the Wyvern manager (located in each village/city) gold for Wyvern transportation.
  3. Acquires 20% more hunting experience points: Increased amount of experience points earned through hunting monsters.
  4. Acquires 20% more Dungeon points: Increased amount of dungeon points earned through playing dungeons.
  5. Adds 20% hunting gold bonus: Increased amount of gold earned through hunting monsters.
  6. Allows 5 more items to be registered in the market: Increased amount of items registerable on the market.
  7. Reduces market tax by 10%: Reduced market tax rate.
  8. Increases daily activity point exchange amount by 20%: The amount of exchanges allowed per day within the in-game system, Exchange Office, is increased. The Exchange Office is an in-game feature where players can exchange a specific amount of their dungeon and combat points (earned through in-game activities) into Lumena. It is exchangeable regardless of whether you purchase the premium membership or not. The Lumena that one obtains through exchanges is an in-game currency with which players can purchase a variety of items in the store.

You will also receive some permanent bonuses for purchasing the premium membership:

  1. Premium mount skin.
  2. Premium pet skin.
  3. Pickaxe
  4. A gathering bag.

The premium membership does seem a bit p2w, or at least pay-to-convenience.

If you can spare some extra money and you’re really enjoying Bless Online, purchasing it would be a no-brainer.

But if you can’t or don’t want to purchase the monthly membership, you can still enjoy Bless Online just fine.

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