WINNER to announce 1st mini-album by the end of February

Edit: It looks like news reports are saying that WINNER’s mini-album WILL be released by the end of February. Also, the album will have some self-composed songs from the members!

WINNER is gearing up to make their debut! According to news reports, WINNER is planning on announcing their 1st mini-album by the end of February!

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be releasing their 1st mini-album by the end of February (though maybe we shouldn’t rule that out). This just means that they’re going to announce the details of their mini-album, such as the release date and tracklist info.

WINNER’s already developed fanbase is very excited for the boys’ debut mini-album to be released.

Thanks to YG and WINNER’s survival reality show, the boys have accumulated more fans than most rookies have when they first debut.

WINNER to announce 1st mini-album by end of February

It also helped that the boys opened up for Big Bang during the Japanese Arena Tours.

YG stated that, “WINNER is very committed to producing their debut album,” and “After it’s released, WINNER will work very hard on all of their activities”.

YG also stated in the past that WINNER will simultaneously debut in both Korea and Japan, so you can expect there to be Japanese counterparts to some of the Korean tracks on their mini-album.

WINNER is going to make their debut soon, and they’re going to make a huge splash on the music scene. We can’t wait for them to debut!

Source: WINNER Trans

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