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Xiumin cast as lead in new webdrama “Falling for Challenges”


EXO’s Xiumin has been cast as the lead for a new webdrama called, “Falling for Challenge“.

He will be starring alongside Kim So Eun in this new web series that is set to start filming next week.

Xiumin will be playing a character named “Na Do Jeon“, who works part-time as a clown because he loves making people laugh.

Kim So Eun’s character is “Ban Ha Na“, a girl who dreams of one day owning her own food truck.

EXO Xiumin cast as lead in webdrama Falling in Challenges

Both characters fall in love while participating in their hobby club called, “One Plus“.

The club is in danger of shutting down, so both Xiumin and Kim So Eun’s characters have to fight to keep it alive.

Of course, you can’t have any casting news of an EXO member without netizens raising their pitchforks.

Netizens are already voicing their outrage, complaining about why these production companies have to hire idols instead of rookie actors.

What’s surprising is that some of the counter-arguments to these netizens are actually well thought out.

Check the comments out below, translated by NetizenBuzz:

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,944, -329] I’m an EXO fan but why not just use another actor… ㅠㅠ He’s going to get hate for being an idol and fans will be heartbroken… well, it’s all confirmed now so.. I’ll be looking forward to Minseok and Kim So Eun-nim ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,774, -673] EXO, eh……… let’s stop using idols, yeah?

3. [+1,450, -396] It’s a webdrama anyway, why all the fuss

4. [+1,093, -174] Hopefully both show us some good acting!

5. [+935, -479] If it was a female idol, she’d get all sorts of hate and people accusing her of having a sponsor but he’s EXO so…

6. [+209, -41] Can people stop complaining about idols taking spots from rookie actors? Imagine your perspective from investors and the producers? Why would you gamble on using no name rookies who have no public recognition at all for your drama lead? Even if the drama does well, people will just be asking who the leads are. And it’s a webdrama, something that people don’t even watch unless they’re specifically interested in it ㅋㅋ obviously they have to get leads who have tons of fans so that at least they’ll get some viewers. Instead of complaining all the time, actually go and watch some works by rookie actors so that producers see that people are interested in them and cast them more ㅋㅋ

7. [+197, -41] People hate when they don’t even watch webdramas ㅋㅋ webdramas use tons of idols and it’s not like it’s broadcast on TV so why bother hating when you’re not going to watch

8. [+190, -37] Not an EXO fan but it’s a webdrama, people won’t even watch it unless they’re interested in the cast so who cares;; let the people who care watch it

9. [+185, -34] Fighting to both~~

10. [+164, -47] A lot of people think this is Xiumin’s first acting attempt but he’s already shot a movie and has gotten praise from others so don’t worry, I trust that he’ll do well

We’re glad to see people defending Xiumin. We hope that his new webdrama does well!

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