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YG to Host New Boy Group Survival Show in November

YG is at it again with another survival show.

The show is currently titled, “YG’s Jewelry Box” and will air November 16th.

This show will have 29 male trainees competing against each other so that 5 of them will be able to debut in YG’s new boy group.

The contestants will be 14-19 years old, so super young.

But YG already has two boy groups, WINNER and iKON, who he barely shows any love to… so why even debut a new boy group?

And let’s not forget about the MIXNINE incident where the winners of that survival show didn’t even debut.

We’re expecting this new reality series to be met with a lot of negativity.

YG already has enough idols in his dungeons.

They’re suffocating down there.

Somebody stop him, please.

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