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YG’s Winner to make a comeback on January 11th!

YG is finally bringing WINNER out of their long hiatus!

The boys will be making their comeback on January 11th and fans/netizens couldn’t be more excited.

Check out their promo image below.

Also check out what netizens and fans are saying, translation by Chrissy96_.

YG's Winner to make a comeback on January 11th

After the announcement, WINNER’s search queries skyrocketed.

They’re still rookies and yet they’re already booming in popularity.

YG didn’t confirm whether WINNER will be coming out with a mini-album or a full-album, but netizen’s are betting on it being a full album due to the group’s long hiatus.

Netizen comments:

  1. [+1363, -68] They’re finally coming back. It’s been empty.

  2. [+746, -63] Akdong Musician too… TT I’ll wait.

  3. [+683, -47] It should naturally be a full album.

  4. [+623, -45] Wow -.- Goosebumps I’m speechless. Really?? Finally??????

  5. [+556, -33] As much as you kept them scarce, I hope you promote them in Korea a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. [+200, -9] Are they going to give birth to songs that will live up to the top songs like “Empty”, “Color Ring”, “Don’t Flirt”, “Different”, among others? I really like all of WINNER’s songs. Can’t wait can’t wait.

  7. [+168, -6] Whoa. Insane. I have goosebumps.

  8. [+162, -6] Heol TTTTTTT I missed you TTTTTTT.

  9. [+163, -10] Wow they’re finally coming back kekeke I’m not a fan but I waited for them kekeke.

  10. {+156, -8] Ah, I couldn’t scream because I’m at school but I screamed in my heart TTTTTTT Ah I love it I love it WINNER comeback!!!! <3.

  11. [+129, -5] They better be really coming back this time they did this in November too.

  12. {+131, -7] I f*cking love this TTTT I waited for you.

  13. [+130, -6] Leader Kang said hew ants to meet us before it becomes warm and they’re really going to comeback in January TTTT My goodness, a WINNER comeback.

Source: Naver

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