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YouTube restores TS Entertainment’s account back to normal

After being unfortunately shut down, TS Entertainment’s YouTube account has been restored back to normal.

All of their music videos are back up and their view counts are the same!

Thank goodness. TS Entertainment was able to quickly rectify the misunderstanding it had with YouTube.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to TS Entertainment again, but then again, this has happened in the past… so who knows.

YouTube restores TS Entertainment's accoubt back to normal

According to a post on Tumblr, which I can’t seem to find anymore because Tumblr’s new search algorithm is so bothersome, the reason why TS Entertainment’s account was suspended was because it only has secondary rights to upload its videos onto YouTube.

TS’s main video distributor is LOEN Entertainment, who it has a 1-year contract with. Once that contract expires, YouTube sees the videos on TS Entertainment’s account as copyright violations, and it follows suit with an account suspension.

So chances are, this might happen yet again a year from now. But the resolution seems simple enough.

Oh well, that’s next year’s problem. I’m just glad we get to watch our B.A.P videos again.

Source: B.A.P Yessir

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