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B.A.P to comeback on February 3rd with 1004 (Angel)

B.A.P is already gearing up for a comeback!

After successfully wrapping up their promotions in Japan, they’ll be back in Korean with a brand new FULL album!

The album will be called “First Sensibility” and it will contain 13 tracks total.

The title track will be called 1004, pronounced “Chunsa“, which is a double entendre because it can mean the number, or it could mean the Korean word for “Angel

B.A.P to comeback on February 3rd 1004 Angel

The full tracklist for “First Sensibility” is here:

  1. B.A.P
  2. 1004 (Angel)
  3. Easy
  4. SPY
  5. Clock On
  6. Shady Lady
  7. Lovesick
  8. Bang X2
  9. SNS
  10. Body & Soul
  11. Save Me
  12. B.A.B.Y
  13. With You

It sounds like it’ll be amazing! Hopefully the boys will be able to snag some #1 wins on music programs with their upcoming album.

The boys have been working hard at their arena tour in Japan. I’m sure they have accumulated a lot more fans to help them achieve a bunch of awards.

We’re less than a month away from their official comeback.

Are you excited?

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