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Baekhyun showing fans how much he loves them

EXO’s Baekhyun has been doing a pretty great job of showing EXO-L just how much he cherishes and loves them.

A fan compiled a set of photos of Baekhyun showing subtle and not-so-subtle signs of how grateful he is for EXO-L.

It’s nice to see Baekhyun get some love in the comment sections from EXO-L/Netizens, especially since he’s been getting so much hate for his relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Check out some adorable pictures of Baekhyun below:

Baekhyun putting the L sign in the performance
EXO secretly showing the “L” sign in the center.
Baekhyun bowing to his fans
Baekhyun bowing to his fans even as all members leave the stage.
Baekhyun showing off the L sign and forming a heart
Baekhyun doing the “L” sign and forming a heart with them.

Baekhyun secretly showing L sign Baekhyun showing off the L sign Baekhyun taking pictures of his fans

Included in the post was Baekhyun’s wish for 2015, which appeared in The Celebrity Magazine in January 2015:

Q: What is your wish for 2015?

Baekhyun: This is simple, but also difficult. I wish everyone in the world to be happy unconditionally.

Q: That’s all?

Baekhyun: Yes. That’s all. Really.

Here are comments from EXO-L and Netizens from Knets-On-Baekhyun:

– My beautiful baby, let’s be happy

– My singer, I love you, you are the best

– Be a real Hanghenghyun again this year

– Those are so touching

– Don’t be hurt! Baekhyunie

– His wish in 2015 is being happy. I’m crying. Hanghenghyun, I love you

– I’m happy when I see you, I hope you to be happy when you see fans too.Be an always-happy-Baekhyun

– Always be happy Baekhyun ah. I’m far away from you, but I always support you

– From the beginning, when it comes to you, it’s always happiness. I’m sorry, it breaks my heart.

– I always feel lucky and thankful because you are my singer. I want to give you all the happiness.

– You make me proud all the time. Thanks for being my singer

– I believe in you. I hope everything would never change

– I’m always your fan from the beginning. Baekhyun , my puppy

– I hope you to see good things only

– I love you because it’s you

– I misunderstood you. I’m really sorry

– All I want to do is giving you a hug. Hurt a lot? I want to tell you nice words and show you good things.

– Baekhyun ah, I’m always be your side. Wish your life to be full of good things only


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