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Crayon Pop and BTS win “Rookie of the Year” at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards

Congratulations to both the Bangtan Boys and Crayon Pop!

Both groups took home the “Rookie of the Year” award at the 23rd annual Seoul Music Awards!

Out of all of the competitors for the award, it’s not a surprised that these two were the ones to win it.

Crayon Pop has been the most standout rookie girl group of 2013 and Bangtan Boys outshined other rookie boy groups.

Crayon Pop and Bangtan Boys win Rookie of the Year at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards

Both groups were graceful and grateful when accepting their rookie awards.

Not only that, but both groups also performed remixes of some of their hit songs!

Crayon Pop added a few rap lines and altered their choreography to their “Bar Bar Bar” and Bangtan Boys turned “N.O” into a ballad!

Not only that, but Bangtan Boys also performed “No More Dream” with their staple, synchronized dance moves.

Both groups’ performances showcased why these groups deserved to win their awards.

Congratulations to both groups again!

Here are the videos of both groups accepting their awards, as well as their performances of the night.

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar (Remix Version)

Crayon Pop – Rookie of the Year award – Acceptance speech

Bangtan Boys – N.O + Concept Trailer + No More Dream

Bangtan Boys – Rookie of the year award – Acceptance speech

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