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Do Kyungsoo confirmed to star in new movie “Hyung”

EXO’s D.O, or Do Kyungsoo, has already signed up for his next movie role!

He’ll be starring alongside Jo Jung Suk in an upcoming film called, “Hyung“.

Back in July, he was considering this role and the other actor wasn’t confirmed yet. Now everything has been officially announced!

Hyung is a movie about two brothers. Jo Jung Suk, whose character name is Doo Sik, is the older brother. He is a conman who was arrested for fraud and hasn’t been home in 15 years. His personality is described as being both bold and shameless.

Do Kyungsoo plays the younger brother named Doo Young, who excels at playing Judo. His skills are so great that it landed him a spot on a national Judo team. Unfortunately, he suffers injuries from an accident while participating in a national contest.

EXO D.O Do Kyungsoo to star in movie Hyung alongside Jo Jung Suk


Due to their circumstances, their fates are yet again intertwined and they have to live together and support each other.

D.O commented on his upcoming movie role, saying,

“So far I have yet to act in many roles so I’ve been craving to take on more. After I read the scenario for Hyung, I was shaking with anticipation to the point where I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep. I will not forget that feeling and I will do my best in this role.”

Jo Jung Suk said,

“Participating in good productions is the greed of every actor. That’s why I chose this role, which is charming as a human story that everyone can relate to. The expectation is already huge.”

Filming for “Hyung” will start in October. We wish both D.O and Jo Jung Suk the best of luck! We can’t wait for this film to be released.

Translation credit: One Kyungsoo

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