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EXO achieves their very first win with “Growl”

EXO has achieved their very first win with their comeback track “Growl!” Unfortunately to do so, they had to compete against their labelmates f(x). But it’s okay because everyone was all in good spirits, and it was a little expected considering f(x) had already won so many awards with “Rum Pum Pum Pum”.

EXO was extremely excited to achieve their very first win. They managed to beat f(x)’s score by around 2,400 points, with f(x)’s score totaling 9841 points and EXO’s totaling 12,225 points. To celebrate their first win with Growl, the EXO members gathered around and started tossing EXO-K’s leader Suho up in the air multiple times (aww, no more crying from Suho).

EXO achieves their very first win with Growl on Music Bank

The boys of EXO very much deserved to win, especially considering how well their repackaged album is doing and how much their popularity has skyrocketed. Not only has XOXO become the first album since 2009 to sell over 400,000 copies on Hanteo’s charts, but EXO’s appearance on variety shows have been breaking viewership records. They even managed to break their own viewership rating record on Weekly Idol with their second appearance on the show.

Congratulations to the boys of EXO for winning, and hopefully they’ll win more trophies in the near future. Fans are hoping that EXO beats their previous record of having 4 consecutive wins, achieved with their previous comeback track “Wolf”.

EXO – Winning #1 on Music Bank

EXO – Growl

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