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EXO fans kindly return Luhan’s phone back to him

So we all know how clumsy EXO’s Luhan is. I mean he drops like… everything. If you search his name on Tumblr, I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of GIFs of him accidentally dropping his things left and right.

Well this time around, it was a good thing he had nice fans around because the situation could have gone in a completely different direction.

While getting into his car in Beijing, a fan noticed that there was a blue Samsung Galaxy S4 on the ground. She asked everyone around her if anyone had dropped their phone. Luhan cutely rolled down his window and said that it was his.

EXO's Luhan and Lay to return home for Chuseok

Instead of keeping the phone for herself, the fan kindly gave the phone back to Luhan, who repeatedly thanked her over and over.

If this had been a sasaeng fan who had found Luhan’s phone, things could have gone downhill super fast.

All of his personal information as well as the personal information of the EXO members/Kpop Idols could have been revealed. Thank goodness for the sanity and kindness of these fans.

You can check out a fancam of the incident below! Luhan is super adorable as always. Why does he have two phones? He has both a white and a blue Samsung Galaxy S4.

Also, to further point out his clumsiness, it turns out that while returning from Beijing, Luhan accidentally dropped his hat at the airport… and didn’t realize it until it was too late. It was a nice parting memento for one lucky fan though!

Source: Allkpop

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