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EXO Growl Pre-Orders Crash Synnara Record Korea’s Servers

EXO’s pre-order for Growl has already received an overwhelming response. The pre-order demands even crashed Synnara Record Korea’s servers due to the huge influx of traffic that it received. But that was probably due to the fact that the site was offering 2013 EXO wall calendars to any buyer who purchased the album through them.

Even so, for a repackaged album, crashing sites is a great sign of rising popularity. EXO’s new album, Growl, is set to be released on August 5th. It features 3 new tracks: Growl, XOXO, and Lucky. Unfortunately for early EXO fans, it looks like those rumors that “Run & Gun” and “Beautiful” would be on the album were false. Hopefully in future albums, we’ll see those tracks come to life.

EXO Growl pre-orders crashes Synnara Records website with overwhelming traffic

Growl will carry on the momentum that Wolf has brought on these past two months. EXO’s first album XOXO, had over 300,000 pre-orders and sold 300,000 more copies afterwards. Wolf went on to gain 4 #1 wins for EXO on various music shows, and helped skyrocket their popularity.

Growl sounds more appealing to EXO fans and K-pop fans in general compared to Wolf, so who knows, maybe EXO will receive another huge influx of recognition. We’ll just have to wait and see with EXO’s comeback stage tonight.

It should also be noted that the last time Synnara Record Korea’s servers crashed was when Shinhwa came back with their album “The Classic”.

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