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EXO Next Door character profiles revealed

The profiles of the characters each EXO member will be playing in their upcoming web series “EXO Next Door” has been revealed!

It looks like Chanyeol will be the lead male in the series followed by D.O.

Baekhyun and Sehun will also be playing supporting roles in the series whereas the other EXO members will just be hanging around.

Check out the profile of each EXO member below!

EXO Next Door character profiles

Chanyeol Profile:

He is tall with a radiant appearance. He is a musical genius and member of the top idol group “EXO”. He doesn’t lack in any area and is always cheerful and a gentleman. One day, suddenly, everything changes for him. Chanyeol, who you can’t hate even with his prickly behavior, why has he fallen in a musical slump?

D.O Profile:

He is the boy next door with a warm smile and kind, gentle personality. He melts Yeonhee’s heart with his seductive smile and could cause a love triangle between her, him, and Chanyeol.

Baekhyun Profile:

He is Chanyeol’s best friend and EXO’s main vocalist. He has been dubbed “Asia’s Ballad Prince”. He begins to notice Chanyeol’s musical slump while preparing for his solo with a track Chanyeol is supposed to compose.

Sehun Profile:

He’s tall and it looks like he was sculpted by the Gods. He makes everyone else around him feel small. He has a huge amount of charisma on-stage, however off-stage he has a charming 4D personality. He’s friends with the female lead’s younger brother Kwangsoo.

Other EXO Members:

Literally, that’s all that’s said about them. Suho, Kai, Tao, Lay, Xiumin, and Chen are just known as members of the great stars of the Universe; EXO. We hope that changes soon.

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