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EXO to film an MV for Korea’s Hana Tour Company in June 2014

EXO is scheduled to film a promotional music video for Korea’s Hana Tour Company!

The filming will take place next year from June 14th to June 18th at USA’s Saipan Islands.

The CEO of USA’s Saipan Island’s Sea-Lago INC, the people who will be filming the music video, has invited EXO fans to come join in on the MV filming! Meaning that you have a shot at being an extra in EXO’s music video!

This music video is a promotional music video, meaning it’s sort of a long CF (similar to 2PM and SNSD’s promotion for Caribbean Bay). It has nothing to do with EXO’s impending album release

EXO to film an MV for Korea's Han a Tour company in June 2014.

I’m glad EXO was able to snag such a great gig! I hope their song is catchy and fun as well. Filming will take place 8 months from now, so we have a LONG time to wait before the music video actually gets released.

So yes, if you’re in the Saipan Islands from June 14th to June 18th, stop on by and get a chance to be in the MV alongside EXO!

Here’s the statement by Sea-Lago INC’s CEO:

戴辅君 Weibo Update: (originally posted last Oct. 12th)
SM Entertainment’s artist, EXO, have signed with Korea’s Hana Tour Company for an MV shooting schedule that will last for 4 days from the 14th to 18th of June 2014, at USA’s Saipan Island. This shooting by the sea will be provided by the USA’s Saipan Island Sea-Lago INC. Fans who like EXO, come to Saipan Island during these 4 days!

Source: 戴辅君 (

Source: SMEnt.EXO

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    Im an exo fan living on saipan an this would mean the world to me THANK YOU EXO

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