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EXO to go completely all-out for their June 9th comeback

EXO’s comeback is confirmed for June 9th, and they’re going to go all out!

SM Entertainment says that their comeback will be the fanciest comeback they’ve ever had.

Not only that, SM Entertainment is teaming up with Naver to promote EXO’s full album.

Throughout the entire month of June, EXO will have various live stream channels where fans can follow all of the members as they are promoting and lounging about.

Not only that, the members say that they will be focusing a lot more on communicating with their fans during their promotions too, so prepare for some amazing interviews and fan interactions.

EXO to go completely all out for their june 9th comeback

Also, a couple of days ago, Kai said that instead of a positive and bright image this time around, EXO will be going for a dark and heavy concept instead.

Fingers crossed for a Wolf-like concept.

We love the idea of it.

This will be their 3rd full-album, so we’re expecting their sales to completely shatter the charts. Let’s hope they win a bunch of end-of-the-year awards again this year.

June 9th is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what EXO has in store for us.

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