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EXO to promote as separate units for this comeback

Rumor has it that for their comeback, EXO will be splitting back up into EXO-K and EXO-M.

Their concept is said to be the 6 phantoms versus the 6 masked men. EXO-K will be the phantoms and EXO-M will be the masked men (though it might be the other way around).

While we knew that the group couldn’t promote as a whole all the time, we still kind of had hope that they would do it this time around again.

We hope that them splitting up into two separate groups doesn’t hurt their album sales or their music show wins.

EXO to promote as separate units for this comeback

If the rumor is true, it’ll be sad to see EXO split apart, and EXO-M far away from EXO-K. We know that the boys will be devastated as well.

Tao has said time-and-time again that he feared that this day would come.

We hope that their comeback is daebak and that they receive a lot of support and trophies with their promotions this time around.

Actually, if we’re hoping for things, we hope that this rumor is false and that EXO will indeed be promoting as OT12 again.

If not, we at least hope that there is a version of their title track that features all 12 of the members.

Credit: FY_EXO

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  1. Maijun Jamdee says

    Classy concept? I expected bad boy, but this is good too 🙂

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