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EXO “Universe” Winter Special Album 2017 Tracklist & Cover

The tracklist and cover for EXO’s upcoming Winter Special album, “Universe“, have been revealed!

There will be 7 total tracks on the Winter Special Album:

  1. Universe
  2. 为心导航 Universe
  3. 지나갈 테니 | Been Through
  4. Stay
  5. Fall
  6. Good Night
  7. Lights Out

And the cover for “Universe” is to die for.

It’s so beautiful.

Although it is a bit sad, but EXO’s Lay will not be featured on this album.

We know that he’s super busy with schedules in China to participate in any of EXO’s comebacks.

But it’s okay, we’ll power through the pain of his absence.

The album will be released on December 21st at 6PM KST in South Korea, so get ready!

The album will also be available to be purchased through iTunes or Amazon for international customers.

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