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EXO will perform at the 2013 Super Model Contest

Now fan girls, don’t be alarmed, but EXO was invited to be special guests at the 2013 Super Model Contest! The contest will take place on September 27th, and EXO will be performing alongside other idols like SISTAR, U-KISS, Nine Muses, and Park Hyun Bin.

The event will take place at the Yeosu Expo Digital Gallery at 6:00PM KST.

Since this isn’t an official concert, EXO is most likely only going to perform a song or two… “Wolf” and “Growl” are my bet.

EXO to perform at the 2013 Super Model Contest

With dozens of super models and with EXO, SISTAR, Nine Muses, and U-Kiss there, it’s going to be a night filled with beautiful people. It’ll definitely be worth watching, however, I’m sure that once the show starts, envy and rage will be filling up fan girls everywhere.

The Super Model Contest 2013 is an event to find the next top model in Korea (similar to America’s Next Top Model). Unlike America’s Next Top Model though, Korea’s next super model can either be a guy or a girl.

Be sure to check out the contest on September 27th! It’ll be worth watching. Check out the promo below!

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