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EXO wins the 'Most Popular Group' award at the 2013 Asian Idol Awards

EXO was recently a guest at the 2013 Asian Idol Awards located in Beijing, China, and there they performed two of their record-setting songs for the event. They started things off with the Chinese version of their first title track, MAMA, and they wrapped things up with the Chinese version of Wolf. Chinese fans were already impressed by only seeing EXO-M in action, but seeing the entirety of EXO on the stage was enough to blow everyone away.

Their performances were charismatic, and were a prime example of why they deserved the “Most Popular Group” award they received that night. EXO’s XOXO album had nearly 300,000 pre-orders, topped charts for weeks, and even sold a little over 300,000 more copies later on. Their repackaged album, Growl, just hit pre-orders today and has already received an overwhelming response (enough to crash sites).

EXO received an award at the 2013 Asian Idol Awards

Not only that, many variety shows that they have appeared on reached record-breaking viewership ratings thanks to their appearance. Some shows were so amazed by their popularity that they even invited EXO to make a second appearance.

EXO definitely deserves their title as the “Scary Rookies” of 2013, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. They’re beginning their comeback with Growl starting today, with their repackaged album set to be released on August 5th. They won 4 #1 spots on various music award shows thanks to Wolf, so let’s see how well they do with the much anticipated, much more addictive Growl. Though, they might have some tough competition ahead with B.A.P making a comeback on August 6th and 2NE1 making a comeback on August 7th.

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