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EXO’s Kai subs in as a special MC on SBS’s Inkigayo

EXO’s Kai was the special MC for SBS’s Inkigayo yesterday, taking actor Lee Hyun Woo’s place. Lee Hyun Woo had to travel to Japan yesterday to help out with the promotions for his drama, “To The Beautiful You”, so Inkigayo had to find a quick temp to fill in.

Inkigayo decided that Kai would be a great fit because one, he was already going to be at Inkigayo anyway, and two, he had already been a special MC for Inkigayo before, so instead of having to train a new MC for the day, all Inkigayo had to do was refresh Kai’s memory.

EXO's Kai subs in for Lee Hyun Woo as a special MC on Inkigayo

Fans noticed this time around that EXO’s Kai was much less nervous in his MC role. Last year, fans thought that he was a bit awkward and unprepared. As you can see in the video below, Kai has definitely improved. He was enunciating his words really well, had little-to-no errors when doing an announcement, and was even comfortable enough to show off his goofy-cheerful self to all of the viewers. Fans also noticed that he looked really good on stage, wearing a well-coordinated outfit and not hesitating to show off his trademark smile.

Kai has been receiving many kudos for his performance yesterday. Who knows, maybe in the future, he might receive an offer for a full-time spot as an MC for Inkigayo. He does have a knack for it. What did you think of his performance?

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