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EXO’s second mini-album tracklist revealed! Cosmic Girl to be title track

Okay, so of course take this information with a grain of salt because it wasn’t given to us by SM Entertainment, but EXO’s second-mini album tracklist has been revealed!

There are a total of 6 songs on EXO’s new mini-album, and the title track will be “Cosmic Girl“.

It also looks like Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation participated in this album. She will be featured in EXO’s song “Metal“.

Also! It looks like the boys will be OT12 for this album too! Just like in Wolf and Growl. Why do I say so? Because the 6th song on this album is the “EXO-K” version of Cosmic Girl, meaning that all 12 members lent their vocals for the main track!

Exciting, exciting.

Tracklist for EXO's second mini-album revealed

Here is the tracklist as follows:

  1. Exoplanet (Intro)
  2. 우주소녀 (Cosmic Girl)
  3. Lightsaver
  4. Metal (feat. Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation)
  5. 너에게로 (To You)
  6. Cosmic Girl (EXO-K or EXO-M) version

I am very excited for this mini-album, and I can’t wait to see what kind of concept Cosmic Girl will portray. I also wonder if the EXO-M version of Metal will also feature Hyoyeon as well (or perhaps Amber would be a better fit?).

At this rate, EXO will definitely be a million-seller idol. I can’t wait to see them win more trophies on those music stages. I hope this tracklist is really legit!

Tracklist for EXO's second mini-album revealed 1

Source: LuhanQT

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  1. 4EverLittleMIssFanGirl says

    Omo! Im excited for their Mini album!! Gonna buy it soon! :DD

  2. EXO~! says


  3. EXO~! says


  4. 凡 - 鹿 says

    i cant wait for the second mini album :3

  5. Mutiaracindyw says

    are you sure about this?

  6. promi ferdousi says

    I find this hard to believe because there should be at least one song in here that fans would know of from the teasers…at least one. There’s:
    El Dorado
    Run and Gun
    Light Saber
    unless “light saver” you mean Light Saber. lol

  7. Vicki Huang says

    Metal is in the teaser with Tao..where the room is reddish in color.

  8. Lea Forteza says

    exciting i cant wait

  9. andylovekailu says

    Lightsaver is the teaser of KAI!!!

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