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EXO’s Xiumin still won’t let any of the members date his sister

I’m sure EXO’s Xiumin is tired of people asking if he’d let any of his fellow members date his sister, but God we love his reaction.

A viewer asked him the question while EXO-CBX was on Kangta’s “Starry Night” last night.

He, right off the bat, said,

“My stance on that is the same, even today.”

But not wanting to end the answer on such a curt note, he elaborated,

EXO's Xiumin still won't let his fellow members date his sister

“I have a good reason though. I don’t want things to be awkward between me and the other members if the relationship ends on bad terms.”

Baekhyun, being the jokester he is, said,

“You can trust me,”

with Xiumin replying,

“I trust you the very least.”

The members are so hilarious.

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