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Kai says that EXO’s June 2016 comeback will be “Dark”

For their comeback in June, EXO is going to forgo the usual “bright and positive” summer bops that other groups go for. They’re going to, instead, opt for a dark and heavy concept (yay!).

During the Hat’s On fan meet yesterday, Kai was discussing EXO’s upcoming full album drop.

He says that like every other comeback that EXO has, him and the other members feel extremely nervous, and they want to make very sure that they impress their fans.

He has confidence though that he and the boys will be able to deliver some amazing stages for us to watch.

Kai says that EXO's June 2016 comeback will be dark

I would love to hear another song like Wolf (with better lyrics) or Overdose. Those songs were amazing, not that Call Me Baby wasn’t great itself.

I’m just very ready for whatever “dark and heavy” concept SM Entertainment and EXO are going to give us.

We’re waiting (impatiently) for EXO’s comeback in June.

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