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Kai shines in EXO’s Growl dance practice videos

EXO has just released their second wave of videos for their Growl promotions. Yesterday, SMTOWN updated their video sites with the dance practice version of Growl, and even if you have seen EXO perform Growl a thousand times, these videos are definitely worth watching.

In these dance practice videos, the boys are so much more comfortable performing their choreography, especially Chen, who seemed a little too stiff in the Growl music video. In these videos, Chen is so much more relaxed and can even show off his more suave and cool side.

D.O, who was pretty much awesome in the Growl MV also showed off more of his charms in these dance practice videos, making many EXOtics second-guess who their bias in the group really is (not that it’s easy sticking to one bias in EXO).

EXO releases their Growl dance practice videos

But the highlight of the dance video, or at least the Korean version, was Kai at the end of the video. He was pointing at his hat, directing the cameraman to zoom into it. There was no response from the cameraman, so Kai pointed more seriously into the hat again, telling the cameraman with his eyes, “Zoom in!”, but still no movement. Kai then shows off his trademark smile realizing that the cameraman wanted HIM to move the HAT into the camera.

That’s not to say the Chinese version of the dance practice video didn’t have its charms too. Lay, Tao and Chen were the members who stood out the most in the video, especially Lay, who fans always say deserves more screen time (so does Xiumin). Also in this video, unlike in the Korean version, the cameraman decides that he IS going to zoom in, but not into a hat. He hilariously walks towards Luhan and zooms the camera in under Luhan’s shirt, although fans weren’t able to see anything unfortunately. You can tell that the members of EXO are really close with the cameraman.

Both of these videos are great additions to EXO’s videography. Be sure to check them out below.

EXO – Growl – Dance Version – Korean

EXO – Growl – Dance Version – Chinese

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