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Lay’s limited edition book sells 68,537 copies in only 24 minutes

EXO Lay’s limited-edition semi-autobiography broke records after it sold 68,537 copies within only 24 minutes.

The short window to purchase Lay’s book was a promotion inspired by the book’s title, “Standing Firm at 24“.

The whopping amount of sales shattered records previously held for online book pre-orders. It goes to show you the overwhelming powers of being an EXO member.

Over 50 copies a second were sold of the book within the promotional period.

EXO Lay's semi autobiography breaks online sales records

Fans who missed out on the limited-edition sale will still be able to purchase the regular version of the book when it comes out on Lay’s birthday, October 7th.

Purchasing EXO Lay’s “Standing Firm at 24” gives you a copy of his semi-autobiography photo book along with a poster and 6 random post cards (with a total of 24 versions of the post card out there).

In the book, Lay talks about his pre-debut days, his inspiration for creating his own auto-biography, and his hopes for the future.

He talks about all of his insecurities and what people don’t see when he gets on the stage. He has lots of doubts hidden behind his kind, and happy demeanor.

We are just so proud of Lay for releasing his own book. Judging from today’s sales, we know for sure his book will be a huge success once it officially releases on his birthday.

If you’re interested in reading the foreword of “Standing Firm at 24”, you can do so through this Tweet from LaYixingWorld.

And of course, as always, be sure to order Lay’s book for yourself to support him. We will have links in our EXO Shop available as soon as possible.

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