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NCT 127 wins the rookie award at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards!

NCT 127 won the rookie award tonight at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards!

They, alongside Black Pink, took home one of the toughest awards a rookie group can get.

It was a very exciting time for the boys as well as NCT fans all around.

Both Taeyong and Jaehyun gave an acceptance speech, which you can read below:

NCT 127 wins rookie award at 2016 Asia Artist Award

NCT 127 wins rookie award 2016 AAA


“Thank you so much for giving this amazing award to NCT 127. Ever since we were trainees, we have been dreaming of giving everyone a great performance. For giving us the chance to perform so much, Lee Soo Man and CEO Kim Young Mi, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. There are a lot of great opportunities in life, and this award was our first one. Thank you SM family and SM singers for this.”


“And also, even though us members were born in different countries, we all dreamed of becoming singers, and through this one dream we were all able to meet. The NCT members who are here now and all of the other NCT members out there, I really love you guys. Thank you very  much to our parents. Lastly, our family and our members’ beloved fans, I love you. Let’s all stay together for a long time in the future. Thank you.”

Congratulations to the boys! Hopefully, this is the first of many, many more awards to come.

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